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Our consultation and services focus on the skill all entrepreneurs NEED to have to not just survive, but thrive in the 21st century:

  • 1 Branding
  • 2 Online Marketing
  • 3 Sales Closing
  • 4 Mentorship

If you’re ready to ARM yourself with the most essential business weapons to conquer and dominate in today’s tough business environment… Then it’s time to get excited!

Internet is a fair ground for all businesses to speak, to compete. Most of your clients are on mobile in this 21st Century. You may have the best product, however is your business branding/ products visible to the public?

BrandReach Online, an online marketing specialist with over 15 years of relevant experience in the industry. We empower business people, companies and aspiring entrepreneurs whom we work with to enhance, elevate and dominate the market they’re in by boosting, refining and polishing their online marketing efforts to perfection!And... "Yes", you are in the right place.




When we spoke to businesses about their online marketing strategies and tactics, most of them did not have clear directions about how to achieve their desired goals. No clue. Unsure about their processes. Unclear about their objectives. But most importantly… It was the fear. The fear of making a bad decision. A wrong turn. A single, fatal move that may potentially put their entire finances at risk. They’re still failing to get the leads, sales and profits they need.


Right now, getting access to online marketing materials is a piece of cake. It may be easy to get your hands on powerful online marketing tools and resources… But this doesn’t mean you’ll know how to put it to use in the most effective way! But there’s one intangible, yet highly crucial element most of these solutions lack: GUIDANCE AND MENTORSHIP


Reach out to your target audience in the most effective way by leveraging on these 10 absolutely essential facets of online marketing… And quickly gain a MASSIVE advantage over as much as 80-90% of your competition while you’re at it! We’ll be sharing countless industry-related tips and strategies you can use to enhance your own business model!


We will do the full spectrum of online marketing you need for your business and be here to work hand in hand with you. By going through and further understanding your professional KPIs, We will then ascertain and assemble a fully personalised set of online marketing tools for you and your business! This not only helps you save time on unneeded tasks, and allow you to maximise your online marketing efforts with the best set of resources and strategies! Let’s go!



Industry-related tips and strategies you can use to enhance your own business model.

Grow your business leads, revenue and profits of your business with us.


Facebook & Instagram

Facebook & Instagram ads are relatively inexpensive when compared to traditional print, radio or TV ads and are 1,000x more targeted. Facebook and Instagram has a lot of potential for marketers looking to increase their leads, customers and ROI. We will help to connect your business with new audiences at lower ad costs and track ad conversions.


Google Adwords Express

Everybody wanted their business on the Yellow Pages. We’ll conduct keyword research to determine the most effective means of targeting your ideal audience. Thus, creating campaigns that smash your previous Pay-Per-Click Cost. You can also include your business address or contact number to make it easier for customers to reach you.


Persuasive Sales Copy Writing

A good copywriting needs to grab attention, arouse interest, create desire and motivate someone to read on. Is your sales copy seizing attention and sparking desire? Discover the most well-kept secret for conversion: Persuasive Copywriting! With this at your disposal, closing will NEVER be an issue again!


Youtube / Video Creation

Google owns YouTube. YouTube provides many viral marketing advantages, from easily embedding videos into websites, to sharing them on social media platforms. Viewers constantly share videos with friends through these social mediums. Tour business exposure can instantly increase exponentially this way. We will help to market your business through video.


Logo / Marketing Collaterals

When your business can synchronize online efforts with your offline materials; like logos, letterhead, business cards, and brochures, than you are almost certain to be profitably successful. We will work with you and your business to stay on budget and maximize your branding efforts. We might even have some imaginative ideas about how to use your logo to increase ROI!


Coaching/ Training

The right mentor will be able to provide invaluable advice to your team and business. Advice that will shorten your business growth process by weeks or even months... And advice that could potentially help you save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars! Let’s make the right decision together. Let’s grow your business together. Let us be there for you when you need help. A mentor is your guiding light. Your coach. Your teacher. Read More


It may be easy to get your hands on powerful online marketing tools and resources…

But this doesn’t mean you’ll know how to put it to use in the most effective way!

Here’s a quick example from Chris’s Client:

A client of mine came to me seeking to engage my Facebook marketing services. He confided in that before approaching me, he had already spent a high 4-figure sum of money on another online marketing software.

The software’s main premise was that it would help entrepreneurs like him attract a massive amount of enquiries into his service, which would mean consistent revenue for his business.

That wasn’t wrong. The software WAS capable of helping him achieve those results. But there was just one problem: He did not know how to utilise its full potential.

This client of mine has zero experience in online marketing. He was completely new to this. That’s why his investment in the software did not bear fruit for him.


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About BrandReach


Many service providers like to come to the table with a prefixed solution or strategy. Not us. We understand that every business has their unique issues and circumstances… And we want to know about that.


And we don’t just think about your needs and desires. No. That’s not enough. Instead, we stay one step ahead of the game by thinking about what your CUSTOMERS want.


In order to stand out in today’s convoluted online market, being different is no longer just a benefit – it’s a necessity. It’s every business’s oxygen. That’s why we NEVER ever wash, rinse and repeat our solutions to anyone we work with.


In any business industry, TIME is of the essence. Move just one step ahead of the rest, and you could gain a substantial leading edge! That’s why we make it our focus to deliver your customized web solutions on time.

Every idea is precious, powerful and has unlimited potential. And at BrandReach Online, we respect that above all else.

And by tapping into these ideas, BrandReach Online aims to simplify, beautify and add a touch of finesse to business relationships with fast, accurate and forward-looking integrated web solutions.

BrandReach Online creates a unique, specific range of integrated solutions for every business platform, and value offerings include business marketing solutions, as well as fully integrated digital marketing services such as SEO, Facebook marketing and Google Ad words to name a few.

BrandReach Online is reinventing and redefining the very nature of what it means for businesses to interact with their audiences. By bringing businesses and enterprises together and providing a wide range of solutions for them, BrandReach is us hering a “New Age” of technology that embraces professional communicationmore intimately than ever before.


Chris Gan


With over 18 years of experience in IT, Chris is widely recognized as one of the pioneers of the local digital business scene. Starting her very business in 2006, Chris has also established herself as an efficient, results-oriented entrepreneur.

Currently the founder and owner of two businesses including BrandReach Online, Chris brings with her a wide range of IT skills that have enabled her to create highly effective systems for her ventures. And combined with her marketing, branding, and operational expertise, she has crafted multiple inter-platform integrated online solutions for her clients.

Her skills include web designs, project management, integrated digital solutions, specialised consultancy in mobile app development, professional branding, various forms of marketing, as well as sales, mentoring and coaching to her clients. In addition, She empowers the people she works with to enhance, elevate and dominate the market they’re in by boosting, refining and polishing their online marketing efforts to perfection! She has also built entire online e-learning, affiliate marketing and online software projects that have consistently generated profits.

Apart from her businesses, Chris is also a staunch believer of empowering the community around her. In the past, she has given IT lessons in schools, community centres and even private residences. She has also mentored several fellow entrepreneurs on identifying their business loopholes and optimizing their personal branding endeavours.

In her free time, Chris is an avid lifelong learner and constantly strives to upgrade herself. She is the proud owner of several notable certificates, such as:

Certified Sales Professional, Advanced Search Engine Marketing Skills, Certificate in Emotional Intelligence, CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), CCAI (Cisco Certified Academy Instructor) and the NLP Practitioner Certificate among others.

Find out more about Chris and connect further with her on her LinkedIn page!



We will give advice that will shorten your business growth process by weeks or even months!

Let us work with you to capitalise on the most profitable strategies in your industry.


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