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We create Mobile Apps that help your company
to unlock new business opportunities.

Product & Market Strategy

We will identify what is already available to your potential users, and determine what your product needs in order to add value and achieve market success. Once the features are confirmed, we begin building out the product roadmap.

Goals & Success Metrics

Every Mobile App targets different business goals and audience. Identifying the lifecycle of your app, creating a strategy, determining what metrics to track at each step to gain actionable insight is crucial.

Design & Technical Challenges

It is important to ask questions and identify the assumptions and expectations you are making, regarding the product during the planning of mobile strategy. This allows us to identify potential challenges and address risk areas.



57% of the companies have started investing in mobile apps for 2018!

  • Inform Users of New Products and Offers

    Mobile apps have made sales much easier than ever before. It is changing the way people review, buy or sell products. Just image how a thoughtful Mobile App can supercharge your client retention.

  • Best Social Media Platform

    The mobile era is here. The number of mobile users today is greater than the number of desktop users! People can discuss about your products or services to many social media platforms.

  • Ease of Sending Notifications

    Thanks to push notifications, brands are able to reach out to their clients in real time and keep them updated about the latest news, product launches, and special deals. Customers like ease of use.

  • Making Use of Mobile Device Features

    Mobile apps have the advantage of utilizing features of a mobile device like camera, contact list, GPS, phone calls, messenger, notifications, QR Code, share location, mails, compass and many more.

  • Enhances Visibility of Your Brand

    Your logo will be placed on their mobile phone screens by default. It secures a strong presence in your industry. As there is no waiting time, customers will be attracted towards your mobile app.

  • Reward Customer Loyalty

    When returning customers make a purchase via an app, the fact they can do this quickly and easily, acts as a great purchase incentive. Then the customer can be rewarded further with an additional loyalty discount.


We would really love to showcase our projects.

However 97% of our projects are protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Our work extends into contests and other forms of promotional as well. One of our goals is to build highly engaging and informative digital tools for branding to the public through Social Medias.

  • iOS apps
  • Android apps
  • Mobile web apps
  • Mobile responsive websites
  • Tablet Apps



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Use apps internally to increase productivity, improve work processes and better manage retail operations as well as for multiple locations. It can also help manage process better by instantly pushing information to all relevant employees’ mobile devices.

Medical Healthcare

Having all the information about the clients and case reports, doctors can provide the individual control 24/7. All x-rays, health tests, ultrasound and MRI etc are now at the distance of few finger taps. Imagine the speed of the information exchange between departments.

Social Work Sectors

It would so easy and convenient to find reviews of social work related, post, join and participate in volunteer work at just a few clicks. All participating Non-Profit Organisation can exchange information, one-on-one/ one to many Chat within the App.

Recruitment Agencies

65% of people are using their mobile devices to search for jobs. 78% of candidates would apply jobs from their mobile. This causes recruiters to have faster response time at responding to candidates, and can lead to a shorter, more effective recruitment process.


The sales app automatically updates daily sales, allowing staff to make a quick search within seconds whether that particular product is available. It could give the management a better idea of what products are no longer available and which are running low in stock.


Well-designed mobile apps allow user to easy access to event information, “What’s On Now”. It will also make event planning and management process dramatically easier by incorporating interactive features, notifications of special events, launches, and any more.

Individual Agents

The less time you spend managing and updating your backend, the more you can focus your energy and time on clients, actual sales, and marketing. One-touch access to your contact information, Fast, seamless appointment scheduling, Automatic reminder of client’s birthday etc..

Tuition Centres

A Mobile App can do bi-directional messaging between teachers and students/parents. Also it has the ability to share homework, attendance notification of student’s absence to parents. One of the maximum productivity and efficiency, is its fees payment via multiple online channels.


Hotel apps has becoming conducive to trust, allowing guests to reduce their search time and conveniently find packages. Guests are more willing to share positive reviews which are important to business.


The attraction of Mobile App helps logistics businesses to increase productivity (Location tracking etc), reduce costs and grow client’s satisfaction level. This means a greater chance of acquiring new clients and keeping the “old”.

Beauty & Spa Salon

A robust mobile app for beauty salon can help to get better traffic to your salon. You can reduce ‘Wait Time’ for your salon, loyalty and reward programs, fast, appointment scheduling, automatic recording of their next appointment.

Live Video Streaming

Sharing live events/ consultations/ conduct trainings with your clients can make them feel more connected to you, your company/ industry. It can be one-on-one or one-to-many chat.Many perceive this type of stream as more genuine than a scripted one.

Interior Design

The app allows business/ users to design/ drag and drop features in both 2D and 3D instantly to bridge the gap between ideas and visualization.Build and design anything, from your apartment, kitchen to even an office space. Impress your customers with this idea!


Users use their Mobile phones for making purchases, anytime anywhere with data plan. They have come to expect the mobile channel to interact with their favorites brands and to get information immediately through handsets.

Digital Signature

Businesses that are looking to move to electronic signatures for customers to officially sign paperwork. E- Signatures, the document signing process is cut drastically ( Save Time, Immediate) from days, or even weeks, to minutes, with or without to meet your customers.

Customise Your Goal

As more and more people move to smartphone devices, almost all businesses are looking to get a foot in. A mobile app will transform your business by putting you in everyone’s pockets.Service is king. We will turn your dream into business.


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About BrandReach


Many service providers like to come to the table with a prefixed solution or strategy. Not us. We understand that every business has their unique issues and circumstances… And we want to know about that.


And we don’t just think about your needs and desires. No. That’s not enough. Instead, we stay one step ahead of the game by thinking about what your CUSTOMERS want.


In order to stand out in today’s convoluted online market, being different is no longer just a benefit – it’s a necessity. It’s every business’s oxygen. That’s why we NEVER ever wash, rinse and repeat our solutions to anyone we work with.


In any business industry, TIME is of the essence. Move just one step ahead of the rest, and you could gain a substantial leading edge! That’s why we make it our focus to deliver your customized web solutions on time.

Every idea is precious, powerful and has unlimited potential. And at BrandReach Online, we respect that above all else.

And by tapping into these ideas, BrandReach Online aims to simplify, beautify and add a touch of finesse to business relationships with fast, accurate and forward-looking integrated web solutions.

BrandReach Online creates a unique, specific range of integrated solutions for every business platform, and value offerings include business marketing solutions, as well as fully integrated digital marketing services such as SEO, Facebook marketing and Google Ad words to name a few.

BrandReach Online is reinventing and redefining the very nature of what it means for businesses to interact with their audiences. By bringing businesses and enterprises together and providing a wide range of solutions for them, BrandReach is us hering a “New Age” of technology that embraces professional communicationmore intimately than ever before.


We thrive when coming up with innovative ideas but also understand that
a smart concept should be supported with measurable results.


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